Rose Lodge: Redhill

Estimated to open July 2020
Age and Gender: 7-17 years, male and female
Beds 4
Provision OCT
Packages Available Care

Rose Lodge is a residential children’s home which provides the highest quality care and substitute parenting for up to four children who experience emotional and behavioural difficulties. It is founded on the core values, experience and culture that has made Compass Fostering one of the most successful independent fostering agencies in the country.

About the Manager

Robert is an experienced Social Care Management Practitioner. Robert has over 14 years of experience working with children, young people and adults with health, emotional & behavioural challenges. Throughout his career Robert has managed multiple services and is always focused on motivating the staff team to achieve positive and outstanding results for the children in their care. Robert has a strong belief in a holistic approach to care with proactive communication on all levels, which supports children have a fulfilled life while ensuring their well-being is protected and promoted. Robert uses his knowledge and experience to guide and train the staff team to work effectively and proactively in order to help the children and young people in their care achieve their goals.

Robert is passionate about ensuring Rose Lodge is a warm, safe, nurturing environment where children can grow, develop and achieve their potential whilst making positive lifelong memories.