PATI: Pre-Adolescent Trauma Intervention

A therapeutic programme dedicated to helping younger people overcome early life trauma.

The PATI is a standalone programme that can be delivered to pre-adolescent children aged between 10 to 13 years old living in a Compass therapeutic children’s home. The intervention is tailored to a younger recipient compared with our other programmes offered and covers a wide range of trauma experiences/focuses.

The Approach

The programme consists of one individual therapy session a week alongside a group and/or individual project element to improve teamwork, support shared goals and develop social skills.

PATI Programme

Every session in the PATI programme focuses on being child centred. This intervention also uses a variety of approaches such as artwork, storytelling and video clips amongst many others.
The PATI programme consists of 50 structured therapeutic sessions. It is made up of 4 modules, which each cover 10 sessions each. There is also an initial formulation period of 6 sessions and 4 concluding sessions.

50 sessions in total

  • 6 initial formulation sessions
  • 40 sessions, divided into four modules
  • 4 concluding sessions