Residential Services

Service Overview

Our Ethos

Compass Residential Services give children the opportunity to encounter normal, ordinary experiences in order to provide them with the building blocks to reach developmental milestones needed for everyday life.

Compass does not subscribe to a single theoretical or therapeutic model, but looks instead at each child and their needs. The emphasis is on individualised care and the staff to child ratio reflects this. We understand that quality relationships between the children and residential support workers are a significant feature in effecting change in children; alongside a structure of routines, clear expectations, good parenting and safe emotional and physical containment.

The experience of children in our care

Our homes are not institutionalised and will never be referred to as a “unit”. We take pride in the appearance. We offer our homes, with decoration and furnishings of a high standard. We afford children all the experiences and opportunities they need to equip them for the transition into adult life.

Children’s voices are heard and they are empowered to make decisions in the running of the home when appropriate. Creative and practical solutions are sought to ensure that care plans and protection plans are implemented fully.

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