Specialist Fostering: Therapeutic Placements

Compass have Specialist Foster Carers across England and Wales

Compass have Specialist Foster Carers across England and Wales: Specialist Fostering: Therapeutic Placements

What are Therapeutic Placements?

We have built upon the REACH approach and have developed a wrap-around service that enables foster carers to build resilience, provide stability and offer a child centred approach to each individual child and young person. Our Therapeutic training is based on resilience theory, attachment theory and aspects of social pedagogy, it underpins the Compass practice approach by which children can be helped to move towards a sense of security and improve their emotional well-being. We are also working with New Ways Safeguarding to build further on our Therapeutic Fostering.

How do Therapeutic Practitioners make a difference?

  • Provide training and refresher workshops to foster carers to therapeutically parent.
  • Facilitate monthly therapeutic support group for foster carers looking after children in therapeutic placements.
  • For individual placements, they access the background history of the child in placement to gain an understanding of their current behaviours in relation to their past life experiences, and to share this knowledge and understanding with carers.
  • Support the foster carers to understand and recognise Blocked Care
  • Understand and analyse foster carers’ past experiences and how these may have an impact on their ability to care for children displaying certain behaviours
  • Counsel the foster carers to help them to process their own emotions which in turn will enable them to access their empathy and continue to therapeutically re parent.
  • Utilise foster carer daily recordings, analysing behaviour and looking for patterns of child’s behaviours and responses from carers.
  • Assist the family in creating the child’s trauma time-line to help them understand the meaning behind the child’s behaviours.

Highly Skilled Foster Carers

All Compass foster carers offering a therapeutic placement have undertaken 5 day advanced training in therapeutic parenting. They will also undertake BILD accredited PRICE Training in positive behaviour and physical intervention.

2 Weeks Respite

The package includes 2 week paid respite care for the main carers annually. We match specific respite families to the individual child who will provide ongoing consistent breaks.

Standard Placement includes

  • Therapeutic Child Ambassador providing 1 session per week including a monthly progress report (2 hour session with the child which includes activity guided by the Therapeutic Practitioner against the agreed plan)
  • 1 Therapeutic Practitioner session required per month with the carer (2 hour session with the carer to support the therapeutic parenting model)
  • Skilled carer Therapeutically trained re parenting children with attachment disorder or attachment difficulties.