New Ways Safeguarding: Moving Forward

Compass have Specialist Foster Carers across England and Wales

Compass have Specialist Foster Carers across England and Wales: New Ways Safeguarding: Moving Forward

What is Moving Forward?
Moving Forward is our new therapeutic service developed for children who are Overcoming Sexual Trauma (OST). OST is also often referred to as CSE.

Sexual trauma is an umbrella term encompassing childhood sexual abuse and the related categories of child sexual exploitation, assault and harassment. Experiences of sexual trauma which fall under either category are associated with similar mental, emotional and behavioural difficulties (CEOP, 2011). We adopt the view that each experience is unique to the young person and may transcend formal categorisation. Viewing the behaviour of a young person through a trauma-informed lens can foster the environment necessary for the young person to move forward and experience post-traumatic growth.


The Moving Forward intervention programme helps the young person to explore their past in a safe environment and develop new ways of coping, behaving and interacting in social relationships.

The therapeutic intervention comprises 60 sessions, divided into five modules:

  • What Happened… My Story
  • How I Coped Then and Now
  • It Wasn’t My Fault
  • Manipulation of Me
  • Making it Matter

Compass Community is working in partnership with New Ways Safeguarding to deliver therapeutic intervention and three new types of specialist therapeutic care services.

The New Ways Safeguarding service was established by the leading international forensic psychologist Dr Joe Sullivan to deliver swift responses where children have been exposed to trauma, where sexual boundaries have been breached, when families need support and when professionals seek expertise.

Their work with young people has been in both residential and non-residential settings and has included working extensively with carers, residential teams, families and multi-agency professionals.

Intervention is essential to help them to meet these needs in a different and positive way and learn new skills for self-management.

As well as the expertise of New Ways Safeguarding, we have a team of Programme Psychologists associated with our PSB Children’s Homes.

We have also introduced Community Psychologists to carry out any assessment and intervention work with children who are not currently in our care.