Supporting our Services

Supporting our Services

Data Monitoring and Information Sharing

The Education Service works closely with regional Administrators to monitor and track the educational achievements, attainment and attendance of all Compass children. We seek to maintain an up-to-date and accurate picture of children and young people’s educational status and progress in order to address individual emerging issues as well to provide needs-led support, training and resources to residential and fostering teams. support, training and resources to residential and fostering teams.


Residential Support Workers, Foster Carers and Supervising Social Workers receive a range of specialist training and resources that enable them to best support and promote the education of looked after children.

Regular induction and training days encourage best practice and advocacy, and ensures that all staff and carers are aware of their rights and responsibilities, and those of other professionals and teams, with regards to the securing positive educational outcomes for children and young people.

The Education Service is committed to providing training in response to need and develops new courses and educational resources for Children’s Homes and Foster Carers annually.