Experiential Education

Experiential Education

Experiential Educators are specially trained Foster Carers who are able to provide short- to medium-term informal education to children that, for a variety of reasons such as long term exclusions, managed moves, or being placed out of area in an emergency, are not able to attend full time education.

This not only supports children and young people to achieve and progress when they are unable to attend school, but also supports the stability of foster placements when children may experience periods without education.

Experiential Education can take place anywhere and can come directly from carers’ interests and passions; it doesn’t just have to be spelling lists and maths problems (although they’re great too). The sessions could be academic, sporting, cultural or hands on; ranging from baking a cake to working in the garden, from tinkering with a motorbike engine to visiting a church, mosque or synagogue.

The Compass Education Service works closely with Next Step Life Skills to recognise children and young people’s achievements with AQA Unit Award Schemes (UAS). UAS are a unique way of recognising and certificating young people’s achievements formally – no matter how old they are or how small the learning step might be.

Unit Award Schemes:

  • can help students with progression to further study, training, employment and independent living.
  • can be used to motivate, encourage, engage, support and raise self-esteem.
  • reward achievement that otherwise might go unrecognised with Unit Award Statements and certificates.
  • can help to stabilise placements when children go long period without full time education or tutoring.

There are costs associated with Experiential Education. For more information please contact the Lead Teacher for the Group Education Service.