Compass Community Schools

Motivate Educate Inspire

Motivate Educate Inspire: Compass Community Schools

Mission Statement

“Compass Community Schools motivate children and young people to engage with education and overcome barriers to learning. Our vision is to inspire learners to make positive life choices and to provide pupils with a therapeutic education which enables them to make the most of their life chances.”


We are committed to inclusive education and securing the greatest possible access to learning and achievement for all pupils. Central to our ethos is the belief that pupils’ behaviour can be modified, managed and enhanced in order to enable them to engage with the learning process.

We believe that pupils can be encouraged and taught to manage their own behaviour and that our specialist staff can influence pupils to create positive environments where learning takes place in a calm, purposeful atmosphere.

Differentiation and personalised learning opportunities are central to our approach to teaching and learning. The range of provision at Compass Community Schools is designed to meet the individual needs of every child in order that appropriate behaviour is fostered and emotional development is facilitated.

We have a graduated and reward-focussed behaviour-for-learning system which enables us to, not only support our children and monitor behaviours and incidents for patterns and triggers, but also to provide regular opportunities for pupils to take responsibility for, and reflect on, undesirable behaviours.

We have a celebration assembly once a week where we openly discuss social and emotional achievements and pupils also have a weekly individual consultation with a teacher where SMART targets are set for future academic and PSHE development.