Assessment and Healing of Complex Trauma (AHCT)

Complex Trauma

Trauma, particularly in early childhood, affects the developing brain and can result in a range of social, emotional, cognitive behavioural difficulties and changes to the sensory system. These are hard for parents and caregivers to manage.

Complex Trauma can result from:-

  • Abuse or Neglect
  • Living with an Impaired Care Giver
  • Repeated witnessing and enduring of Domestic Abuse
  • It can result in a child feeling just like a soldier after the effects of war.

Who will benefit from our service?

  • Children specifically under the age of 13 at entry gain the most.
  • Children who have experienced Domestic Abuse,
  • Living with an Impaired Care Giver,
  • Enduring trauma and abuse,
  • Numerous placement moves.
  • Children with Insecure Attachments and Developmental Trauma Disorder symptoms.
  • Children whose chronological age does not match their emotional, social, recreational and educational presentation due to Complex Trauma. A spikey presentation. 
  • Children who would benefit from non-talking related therapies to calm their high states of hyper-arousal physically, socially and emotionally.
  • Since complex trauma affects unconscious portions of the brain, non-talking therapy is highly beneficial to heal and sooth the unconscious, inner world of the child.

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